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Social Media Analytics

Analytics are important for many reasons. They help your business grow and point out areas of improvement. With my detailed analytics reports, you will receive social media analytics for up to three accounts.

Digital Strategy

Let me help you tell your brand's story by creating unique and custom goals, strategies, and tactics. Having a proper strategy in place will allow you to focus on your target audience and keep their attention. You want a target audience that not only engages with your content but who also look forward to your content. I specialize e-mail and social media strategy for brands of all sizes.

Content Creation

It's really important to have a cohesive and professional look and feel to your brand across all social platforms. You want people to be able to identify your brand from a million miles away. You also want people to respect your brand. I can help you by creating content, content themes, short videos, graphics, flyers, and other visual needs.

Social Media Management

I’ve been working as a professional in this industry since 2015 and have garnered an expansive set of skills in the process. Take advantage of this service to help your business reach new heights and gain influence. Let me use my expansive knowledge to take the weight off your shoulders. I can manage multiple social media pages, post daily or however often you would like, create analytics reports, provide customer service management, schedule content, and create a content calendar(s).

Press Releases and Pitches

Once again it's my job to tell your brand story and that includes the events and announcements that come along the way, To allow your brand to have the longevity needed to be strong and stand out from the rest you need publicity. Press releases and pitches are a great way to get your brand's name heard by many who have are outside your normal reach. However, this media form is earned and not paid, unlike social ads.

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