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You will notice that my work comes from a wide variety of industries. As a creative, I found that my creativity and curiosity flow far beyond the limited space of one niche.

I've managed a wide range of accounts with follower counts as high as 150,000K on LinkedIn to as few a 300 on Instagram. Implementing a digital strategy to not only grow their followers, but turn those followers into lifelong customers. I've also helped clients gain media attention for events, by creating strong media relationships. And my favorite part, I provide my clients with analytics. Whether it's a website, social media, or email, I love to measure the success of campaigns to find ways to further improve.

Thank you for checking out my digital marketing portfolio!

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Keeping Engagement Rates High

Managing social media pages on LinkedIn for a B2B business is tricky. You want to keep your messages professional, but not boring. With this post utilized the document slider function to create a infographic to give our followers a sneak peek. This made the click rate jump from 27 clicks to 1,867 clicks.

Social Media Content Creation

My client wanted to showcase a cohesive brand, gain followers, and turn them into paying customers. I created a unique social media strategy for this client and she has seen an increase in followers and clients.

Gaining Media Attention

Having attendees and media coverage of your event can make or break your event. Event promotion is more than social media flyers and Eventbrite links. Here I created press releases for a formal event that got picked up by local news stations in Charlotte, NC.


Analytics are important for a number of reasons.

  1. They help businesses make informed strategic decisions.

  2. They help with SWOT analysis.

  3. They save you money! 

View An Analytics Report Example 

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